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                                  I N G R E S 
        F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S   ( F A Q )
                           This version: 1.8  08SEP97
                           Last version: 1.7  21MAY95
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    00. Notes
        00.001 Contributors
        00.002 Notations 
        00.003 Acronyms and Abbreviations
        00.004 Changes in this Version
        00.005 Useful telephone numbers and E-mail addresses
    01. Ingres
        01.001 What is Ingres?
        01.002 Where can I get PD Ingres?
        01.003 Where can I get CA-Ingres?
        01.004 How much does Ingres cost?
        01.005 Does Ingres support SQL?
        01.006 What are the features of Ingres?
        01.007 What platform should I run Ingres on?
        01.008 Can I run Ingres on machine ABC?
        01.009 Can I run Ingres over network ABC?
        01.010 Where is the Ingres FAQ?
        01.011 Where can I get the Ingres TPC benchmark results?
        01.012 Is Postgres anything to do with Ingres?
        01.013 Is Ingres secure?
        01.014 Does Ingres run on the PC under MS-DOS or MS-Windows?
        01.015 How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to INFO-Ingres?
        01.016 Can I get the FAQ by E-mail?
        01.017 Can I get the FAQ on discette?
        01.018 Is the FAQ available on WWW?
        01.019 Where can I get a comparison of RDBMS products?
        01.020 Can I use a RAID with Ingres?
    02. Miscellaneous date questions
        02.001 Is 2000 A.D. a leap year?
        02.002 Are there any Y2K (Year 2000) problems with Ingres?
    03. Contributed software
        03.001 ftp site for Ingres tools 
        03.002 ingperl, sqlperl and DBperl
        03.003 tclsql
        03.004 $II_SYSTEM/ingres/sig
        03.005 NAIUA tool set
        03.006 onyx
    04. Third-Party Software
        04.002 Can I use ODBC (MS-Windows Open Data Base Connectivity)?
        04.003 What is Grafsman?
        04.004 What is GQL?
        04.005 Can I use JDBC (Java connectivity)?
    05. Books
        05.001 What is a good book on Ingres?
        05.002 What is a good book on relational databases?
        05.003 Where can I get a description of the SQL standard?
        05.004 Where can I get a (BNF) definition of SQL syntax?
    06. Reviews/Articles
        06.001 Are there any Ingres periodicals?
        06.002 What are sources of reports on Ingres?
        06.003 Where can I find recent articles about Ingres?
    07. Ingres/Advisor and Tech support
        07.001 What is Ingres/Advisor?
        07.002 How can I access Ingres/Advisor?
        07.003 What is ProAlert?
        07.004 How do I log trouble calls?
        07.006 How do I vote on a SIR?
        07.007 Tech support is useless, what do I do now?
        07.008 What is CA-TCC?
        07.009 How do I find out about patches?
    08. General Frequently-Asked-Questions
        08.001 How can I store a large object in an Ingres database?
        08.002 How can I suppress execution (I only want to see the QEP)?
        08.003 Other than this FAQ, what is a good source of practical info?
        08.005 Why is Ingres reporting an incorrect row count?
        08.006 Can I do an outer join?
        08.007 How can I add/delete/alter a column in a table?
        08.008 How can I grant other people access to my tables?
        08.009 How can I change the ownership of a table/report/form?
        08.010 What is a QEP and how do I interpret it?
        08.011 How can I ask for just the first N rows?
        08.012 Can I override the optimizer with my own execution plan?
        08.013 How can I tell why my search is taking so long?
        08.014 What are TIDs?
        08.015 How can I display the proper Fkey labels using an emulator?
        08.016 Does Ingres support row-level locking?
        08.017 How can I invoke emacs (or any other editor) within isql?
        08.018 How can I change the displayed precision in isql?
        08.019 How can I change the destructive behaviour of the Return key?
        08.020 Does anyone at CA read comp.databases.ingres?
        08.021 Is it possible to generate FRS forms dynamically at run-time?
        08.022 Why are modifications allowed to the system catalogs...?
        08.023 How can I bulk authorize Ingres users?
        08.024 How can I load ASCII-delimited files created by PC `X' base?
        08.025 How can I import dates from PC `X' base?
        08.026 How can I create export files for a PC application?
        08.027 What Ingres files can I delete (to recover space)?
        08.028 How can I assign sequential record numbers?
        08.029 How can I do a case-insensitive string match with wild-cards?
        08.030 How can I generate surrogate keys for best performance?
        08.031 How do I find rows that don't match a row in another table?
        08.032 Why do I have a SWAP and a NOSWAP authorization string?
        08.033 How can I automatically report the location of an ESQL error?
        08.034 What are some good trace points?
        08.035 Does Ingres have an API I can use?
        08.036 How can I find duplicate rows in a table?
        08.037 How can I create a WWW interface to an Ingres database?
        08.038 Is there any point in doing REPEATED INSERT?
        08.039 Can you get unloaddb to go directly to tape?
    09. RDBMS
        09.001 What processes do what?
        09.002 How are extra iislave (disc) processes started?
        09.003 How do I recover an inconsistent database?
        09.004 What are "compressed" table structures?
        09.005 Why might I configure more than 1 DBMS server process?
        09.006 How can I direct batch or reports to a particular server?
        09.007 How does Ingres use sort space?
        09.008 When does Ingres switch to a new journal?  
        09.009 Should I use mirroring on my data locations?
        09.010 Can I use mirroring as a super-fast checkpoint?
        09.011 Can I mirror my log file?
        09.012 Can I have more than 1 DBMS page cache?
        09.013 Can I have more than 1 fast commit server?
        09.014 What is the Ingres Search Accelerator?
        09.015 When and how do I use the Ingres Search Accelerator?
        09.016 How can I find out more about the Ingres Search Accelerator?
        09.017 Why am I running out of QSF memory (E_OP0886 and E_QS0001)?
        09.018 How can I assign particular jobs to particular servers?
        09.019 Should I set II_DMFRCP_STOP_ON_INCONS_DB?
        09.020 How do I recover after a fire/flood in the machine room?  
    10. QUEL
        10.001 What is QUEL?
        10.002 How different is QUEL from SQL?
        10.003 Should I learn QUEL?
        10.004 Should I convert my QUEL to SQL?
        10.005 Are there any utilities for converting QUEL to SQL?
    11. VIFRED
    12. Report Writer
        12.001 How can I put ASCII TABs in a report?
        12.002 How do I put escape characters in a report?
        12.003 How can I number pages as "Page n of m"
        12.004 How do I submit a report to run at a given time?
    13. QBF
    14. ABF
        14.002 What causes C compilation errors while building an ABF image?
    15. RBF
    16. OpenROAD/Windows4GL/W4GL
        16.001 Why is Windows4GL so slow to react to database events?
        16.002 How can I force a window to stay visible on top?
        16.003 Is anyone working on an OpenROAD/W4GL FAQ?
        16.004 How easily can I use the OpenROAD-Oracle driver?
        16.005 Where can I get more information about OpenROAD?
    17. VISION
    18. NET
        18.001 What do I do if I can't connect?
        18.002 How do I configure NET?
        18.003 What is the 'ingvalidpw' program for?
        18.004 How can I restart NET without restarting Ingres?
        18.005 How can I shut down the communications servers?
        18.006 Which Ingres processes do I need on a client system?
        18.007 How do I configure different protocols?
        18.008 What is the address and listen information in netu?
        18.009 How does NET figure out its TCP port numbers?
        18.010 Can I have 2 installations running NET on the same system?
        18.011 How can I use different protocol...to access the same server?
        18.012 Can NET use all of my LAN boards?
        18.013 Can I use NET over a LAN bridge?
        18.014 What about NET over WANs?
        18.015 What if I change my password on my NET server username?
        18.016 What do communication servers do?
        18.017 Will my applications run over NET unchanged?
        18.018 Will my applications perform over NET unchanged?
        18.019 What's the GCA protocol?
        18.020 Does NET present any special security problems?
        18.021 Can I run Ingres clients without NET?
    19. STAR
    20. Embedded
        20.001 What C compilers are supported?
        20.002 Can I use C++?
    21. Database Procedures
        21.001 What are database procedures?
        21.002 Database Procedures and QEP's
        21.003 Database Procedures and Locking
        21.004 Can I flush out procedures without shutting down the server?
        21.005 Database Procedures and Security
        21.006 Database Procedures and Cacheing
    30. errlog.log
        30.001 My error log is full of E_SC022F_BAD_GCA_READ.  What's wrong?
        30.002 How can I trim errlog.log?
    90. Ingres on Unix (Solaris, AIX, OSF/1 etc.)
        90.001 How can I un-nice iidbms (Ultrix)?
        90.002 Can Ingres make use of PrestoServe (Ultrix)?
        90.003 What do the iislave processes do?
        90.004 How many iislaves do I need?
        90.005 Why is a raw log file faster on UNIX?
        90.006 Should I stripe my raw log file on UNIX?
        90.007 How do Ingres processes communicate on UNIX?
        90.008 How does Ingres maintain database integrity on UNIX?
        90.009 Should I stripe my data locations on UNIX?
        90.010 Where do I start looking with a Unix performance problem?
        90.011 Which filesystem type should I choose? (SVR4)
        90.012 Will VxFS give me better performance? (SVR4)
        90.013 What kernel resources does Ingres need? (SVR4) 
        90.014 What process limits could affect Ingres? (SVR4) 
        90.015 What CPU scheduler parameters should I set up? (SVR4)
        90.016 Should I run the DBMS server as a real time process? (SVR4)
        90.017 Why can't Ingres allocate shared memory? (SunOS/Solaris)
    91. Ingres on VMS/OpenVMS
    92. Ingres on OS/2
    93. Ingres on Windows NT
        93.001 How can I keep Ingres running after the user ingres logs off?
        93.002 Do I need NT Server (formerly NTAS)?
    99. User Groups
        99.001 How can I contact the NAIUA? (North America)
        99.002 How can I contact the UKIUA? (United Kingdom)
        99.003 How can I contact my local users group? (US)
        99.004 How can I contact my local users group? (Canada)
        99.005 How can I contact my users group? (South Africa)
        99.006 How can I contact my users group? (Europe)
        99.007 How can I contact my users group? (Irish Republic)
        99.008 How can I contact my local user group? (Australia)
        99.009 How can I contact my local user group? (India)